Sunday, 9 October 2011

Works in Progress

W for Works in Progress, another post in the ABC meme hosted by An Accidental Knitter.

Discipline is key.  So projects started these days don't tend to drag on.  And I even managed to finish a couple of WIPs in the last few months left over from last year.  Maybe I am less ambitious now than years ago when I started some very long standing WIPs still in my collection.  I prefer to think of these as heritage items.

There is the double bed sized patchwork coverlet started in 1980.  It's backed onto a soft teal sheet now, but I cut the sheet in the wrong place and don't know how to finish it.  Some innovative thinking required here.  And strong nerve.

I can remember when we first moved to Wiltshire laying this out on the lawn to figure out where to go next with the pattern and an elderly neighbour came along, Mr. Orchard who had twinkly eyes and rosy apple cheeks.  He looked over the garden gate and said,
"What be you doin?"

Some of the patches are outlined in feather stitch
Too much work has gone into this to abandon it, but oh my goodness, I fear the work to come.

There are embroidered daisies at strategic points around the border
This hasn't come out of the bag for a couple of years and deserves to be finished
This embroidered Christmas tablecloth has a motif like this in each corner.  Started about twenty years ago.  I try to do a bit each Christmas, but have even failed in this is the last couple of years.
From a pattern in an Anna magazine which was done in silver and gold thread, it looked a bit icky, so I chose my own colour scheme, but like an idiot I started doing it with only one and two strands of embroidery thread, so it takes forever. 

There is a tapestry I started about fifteen years ago.  Knowing my limitations and how it would take years to complete I even made a special cotton bag for it and the frame to keep the dust off.  A very little gets done each Christmas while watching the films on the box. 

This is a project for those tired evenings when I don't want to think too hard about stitches and tension
This pink crochet 'thing' has been going on for about four years, I think.  It's circular and folded in half will make a comfy shawl.  No pattern.  I just do whatever I fancy doing when I pick it up and it has developed these very cosy ruffles.  My chap hates pink and really resents this object, but our house is chilly and I lose the feeling in my hands and arms when reading in bed, and my shoulders tense up so this is a 'round the shoulder reading companion'.  (It may be my age, or my chilly house, but does anyone else collect old bedjacket patterns?  I love them).

Framing all the rectangles in black crochet to create a kind of stained glass window effect
I am often given other people's collections of patterns, needles and works in progress. One of these was a heap of knitted cotton rectangles, purpose unkown.  I have fallen very behind on the knitted patchwork throw I intended to make from them to gift back to the friend who gave me her Gran's collection.

And there are bits mum has started and is unable to finish.

Mum's waistcoat - I'm sure this will be fine when it's put together
Her waistcoat for which she didn't buy enough yarn, so the fronts are variegated purples and the back is navy blue.  She had done the fronts and I have done the back and just need to put it together. (I hate putting together).  I think the button bands will need to  be navy blue.

 I really dislike knitting with this yarn and have the whole top to do - hey-ho  
Her peach coloured shell top which has lace at the sleeves and bottom edge.  The lace defeated her, so I have the whole thing to do.  I've managed to complete the lace on one sleeve.

Then there are the presents and charity stall items that must be finished before Christmas.
This of course doesn't cover the list of things that are projects in my mind to start and finish for charity knitting and Christmas presents. 

And do you know what?   It's fun to create pressure for yourself in this way.  Mum and I can keep ourselves entertained for hours just thinking about what we might do.  Mum who was an expert can barely knit now, but the works in our heads release her from the struggle of living with disability and release me from the mundane day-to day battles of modern life and work.  It's better than chocolate.


pinkundine said...

Wow, those are some impressive WIPs, I can see why they take so long! I know what you mean about having projects in your head, I spend a lot of time thinking about knitting, what I could do with this yarn or that yarn, what to make next... It's almost as much fun as the knitting part :)

witchyknits4ewe said...

You really do have a lot of WIP's!! I have a few projects too that for one reason or another don't inspire me to finish them and I find every excuse not to!!

lyndagrace said...

Your embroidery is beautiful! I think it is kinda neat that you can take it out every once in a while and work a little more on it.

Do you think you might miss it once it has been completed?

I can only tolerate 2 actual WIP's at a time. But there are dozens and dozens more running around in my mind. Especially when I walk into a yarn store and see all of the samples.