Friday, 30 December 2011

Smaller Items to Knit

Dad's arm rest tidy - it's pale blue, not grey
It's always been my 'thing' to take on larger projects, because I feel somehow that I should, that I enjoy knitting, but must make sure that I make something really worthwhile.  This strange approach is something to do with my obsession that time spent must be productive in some way and it often leads to disappointment.
I'm starting to learn that it's ok to just enjoy stuff and that not every piece of knitting has to be something to wear. 

Now I've learned that, I'm starting to find that smaller, quicker knits can be really useful too and that I actually finish them and they work.  The arm rest tidies knitted for my parents are already in use and much appreciated.  I used some aran from the stash, three strands knitted together to make a super chunky and Voila!  Such a worthwhile knit on so many levels :
- a gift
- a useful gift
- I enjoyed making them (I love cable knitting)
- they were quick
- they used up some stash
- they got  me into the notion of using more stash by knitting several strands at once