Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year Resolutions

Part of the stash - Part of the New Year Resolution
First of all - Happy New Year - May 2012 be full of all kinds of good things for you.

Then, the Resolutions.  I have joined a Ravelry group called 'Underrated'.  This group is for under achievers like me who would like to think they could knit 12 things in 2012, but don't really believe they will.  So we are going for 6 things.  There are different threads in the group and I will be working along on these :

  • finishing 6 WIPs in 2012 (from all the heaps of bags around me I can certainly find 6 abandoned items)
  • 6 items knitted from the stash
along with this my other resolutions include :
  • no yarn buying in 2012 (Oh really?) owing to the giant proportions of the stash
  • along with busting the stash learn new techniques, there are some things I would like to try.  (see the excellent Pinkundine's blog for a list of the things she aimed for and achieved in 2011 - she's only been knitting a year)    Pinkundine's list of things to try
I'm working on my list of techniques to try in 2012, but as for specific items ...
  • make a pair of socks - never done it
  • make a shawl - never made one
  • work a bit harder on the photography
  • give more back to the blogging community in terms of the quality of my blog and networking / sharing
  • Enjoy it!


Anonymous said...

Hi Julie, travelled here through your Ravelry link.

LOL, is it bad of me that when I saw your stash I went "Oh wow!" and then immediately wanted to dive into it to see what you have?

We must be kindred spirits as I too want to learn how to knit a pair of socks and work on a shawl.

Nice to meet you and good luck with getting the projects done for 2012.