Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Spiders' Webs

My emblem
Photographed at the base of Sidbury Hill a few weeks ago.  It's much colder now and more difficult to find enough daylight to walk.  I'm resorting to walking in the dark where there are streetlights.  It's a bit restrictive and hopeless for photography.

Another view - I find these so captivating
Thoughts have turned to lighting the fire.  First we had to remove the Jackdaw's nest from the chimney.  There was a small forest up there and it was solidly blocked.  I think we wouldn't have minded so much if they had raised a family.  But they built it, then abandoned it.

Now that we have removed the blockage the chimney is drawing again at a terrific rate and the sitting room is very draughty once more.  A great gale whistles through the house and up the flue.  Such is cottage life.