Friday, 13 January 2012

We've been walking around Stonehenge

Stonehenge from the other side of the A303
One of my aims this year is to improve my photography and the quality of my posts.  When I concentrate, I can take quite pleasing photos.  This particular post has turned out to be a lesson in what not to do. I cropped the one above to remove the fenceposts.  This has had a somewhat unfortunate effect. 
We didn't go that way

I was amused by the 'permissive path' sign, but managed to cut off the tip of the sign when I photographed it.

Map on noticeboard showing the line of Bronze Age Burial Mounds

For hundreds of years people have been digging in the mounds and in 1808 some treasure was dug up in Bush Barrow, one of the mounds in the line.  I had managed to photograph some of the items found as shown on the noticeboard - then deleted the photograph by accident.  Here is a link to some information about the finds.

Information about Bush Barrow, Normanton Down, Stonehenge

Photographed on a dull day from the wrong side.