Sunday, 15 January 2012

Six Works in Progress

Referred to as 'the pink thing'
The Pink Thing is a crocheted circular shawl where I make it up as I go along.  Been doing it for about three years now.

A Smock top baby jacket
Intended as a Christmas present, it was never really going to make it.  I've got a doll it might fit and I want to finish it to see how it turns out.  Right now it doesn't exactly look like a work of art.

A 'stained glass' throw made up of lots of knitted oblongs passed on to me by a friend.  Known as 'Sarah's thing'.

Number 4
 a hat, scarf and arm warmers in Sirdar Persia.  Hat and wrist warmers done.  Scarf half way through.

Number 5
A tunic in Sirdar Indie which mum has started, but it got a bit overwhelming.  Great big chunky knitted on great big needles.  I cannot express how much I hate knitting this.

Number 6
A peach coloured top for mum with lace at sleeves and bottom edge.  Neither Mum nor my sister could master the lace.  I was a smartass and was given the whole thing to do.  That'll teach me.  Yarn is Wendy Peter Pan and mum insists on using plastic needles.  Ghastly.  The needles will have to go and I'll live with the yarn.


WorstedKnitt said...

Got to love the pink thing - I wouldn't have the patience for a three-year-WIP I'm sure :)