Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Six things from the Stash

On the left a Bayadere cushion - on the right a Rush Matting Stitch
Picture from 'Knitting' by Wanda Bonando 1979
Still playing with the idea of 'six' and have a tentative list of six things from the stash.

  • A ripple stitch throw, possibly knitted, maybe crochet
  • A waistcoat, hopefully purple
  • A hat, stripey to use up odds
  • A teacosy (I've never knitted one)
  • A shawl (I've never knitted one)
  • A bayadere cushion (I've never knitted one)
My sister gave me the book with the picture of the Bayadere cushion and I've longed to try it.  Masses of possibilities and good for the stash.  Apparently 'bayadere' is a fabric with brightly coloured horizontal stripes...or, an Indian dancer.


pinkundine said...

Sounds like an excellent plan to me :) I'm working on using up stash at the moment, although I haven't come up with a definitive list yet!

Love the look of that cushion, so interesting :)