Friday, 20 January 2012

Six new Knitting Techniques

Will I ever be good enough on DPNs to do this?
48 inches (1.22 metres) in diameter, knitted in No.60 crochet cotton on four no. 12 (2.75mm needles)
Pattern designed by 'Marianne' and priced 1shilling and 3pence.  Probably 1950s vintage.

 I'm still enjoying thinking about the 'sixes'.  These are sets of six things to tackle in the year 2012.  (Six works in progress, six things from the stash...). 

I decided I would also like to master six new techniques and the proposed list stands as follows :
  • Entrelac (I'm intrigued by it) 
  • Kitchener stitch (will fit with my plan to tackle my first pair of socks this year)
  • Continental knitting (not sure how you would describe the way I knit.  Some sort of aberration of English)
  • Knitting in the round (had a bash, but want to become more confident)
  • Steeking (fits with the knitting in the round bit)
  • Domino knitting  (I'm not quite sure what it is, but sounds fun)
Meanwhile, two of the 'Six Works in Progress' set are progressing well.

  • Hat scarf and arm warmer set  in Sirdar Persia, very dark blue.  Just got to finish the scarf and sew up hat and arm warmers
  • Mum's tunic in Sirdar Indie, going well but am going to run out of yarn, can't figure out why.  Will be glad when this is over so I can get on to something more edifying.


pinkundine said...

Those look like excellent new skills :) I have plans to try out colourwork and more involved cabling this year.

If you're planning to make socks, can I be so bold as to throw a little self-promotion out there?! I wrote a post yesterday about sock knitting, and how it really isn't as hard as you might think ;)