Sunday, 22 January 2012

Six Items I've Never Knitted Before

I can crochet a doily (did this in Autumn 2000), but can I knit one?
I love playing with this idea of six and planning what Iwill do in 2012.  There will be six items from the stash, six WIPs completed, six new techniques mastered and six items I have never knitted before.  Draft list for those is :
  • Socks (this has to be the year of the sock and will cover a couple of items in my new techiques list)
  • Shawl (there is scrumptious stuff in the stash, so this will go towards my 'six items from stash' list)
  • Tea cosy
  • Poncho
  • Doily (using DPNs will go towards the 'mastering a new technique' list).
  • Hat with earflaps (done hats, but never earflaps)
I just love writing lists and have this terrible temptation to put all this in a spreadsheet.