Friday, 17 February 2012

Feeling in need of a bit of summer

Can you hear the bees?
This picture was taken some years ago and it was one of those rare occasions when the planting came out as I wanted it.  There is a door to the road in the old chalk garden wall and growing beside it are hollyhocks, honeysuckle, tansy, marigolds, nasturtiums, stocks and sedum.

After several years I have now managed to get the honeysuckle to grow up over the wall and down the other side.  In the spring the wall is due for major repair by conservation specialists and the honeysuckle will have to come down.  Hey-ho.

I'm going to have to move all the compost bins as well.  But the rhubarb.  Well, they'll just have to work round it. 


lyndagrace said...

Thanks for that bit of summer. Your garden wall is just as I pictured an old chalk garden wall would look like.