Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Mid-late forties? 
When it turns cold, my mind runs to bed socks.  My feet are never warm.  This little pattern which is A5 size comes from the austerity period during or just after World War II.  The size of the pattern and the black and white photo are down to shortages of paper and ink. 

There are embroidered socks knitted in 3ply with a kind of Tyrol look going on - quite popular in the late forties.  Also ribbed socks knitted in 4 ply (the pattern suggests blue and white stripes) and garter stitch socks, also blue and white.

The garter stitch socks are discribed as follows :
"Knitted on two needles these cosy garter stitch bed socks are given a snug fit with double ribbing at the tops of the legs."

I think these might be just the thing to use up all these odd balls of 4ply I seem to have amassed.