Friday, 16 March 2012

Attempting a Vintage Knitting Pattern

Swatching for gauge, pattern and colour - with notes
I'm going for the yellow
I'm still thinking very hard about adapting the vintage pattern that Susan Crawford talked us through at her workshop 'Interpreting and Working from Vintage Patterns'.

Dina - Stitchcraft May 1939

The example pattern tells us the model is called Dinah.  At a guess she may be about of perhaps 5ft 8inches height, perhaps more and she has an approximately 32inch bust.  I've calculated an adapted pattern for the back.
My Schematic and Calculations

I am 5ft 2 inches with a 38inch bust and a short waist and the adjustments have been dramatic.    In spite of all the measuring and calculating, will this ever fit me?  And if it does, will it have lost the character of the original design?  I think probably yes.  But I'm still keen to have a go. I've already learned a lot from it and there is so much more to learn.