Wednesday, 14 March 2012

My Cat Marilyn

Marilyn - extremely comfortable
For a long time I have been trying to persuade Marilyn to curl up in my sewing room because I feel guilty about leaving her on her own so much when I am at work and then leaving her while I knit and sew and blog upstairs.  For years she would not stay with me.  Now it appears that it is acceptable to come with me as long as she can curl up on my chair.  She creeps up onto it, curls up behind me and steadily pushes me until I am perched on the front edge.  We're going to have to find another way.  This isn't working.

"Don't even think about trying to move me."


lynn said...

She certainly is adorable and has you trained very well ;)

lyndagrace said...

I think she is trying to politely (okay maybe not so politely) ask you to please find somewhere else to sit because this is obviously her chair.