Sunday, 11 March 2012

People Who Love Books and Knitting

A plain little book in the Pitman Series - 1933
By Osma Palmer Couch

Interesting how often you find that people who love to knit also love books.  They don't just enjoy a good read, they truly love books.  There's something about the tactile quality, I think, as well as the reading experience. 
The Frontispiece
"A sun-room that owes its colourful charm to a bright cross-stitch
design embroidered with wools on monk's cloth, or sand serge"

Anyone following this blog will know I have a bit of a thing about books.  Among it all I  have a bit of a collection of vintage knitting patterns and knitting books,  as well as books on embroidery and dressmaking.  But to see the work of a real collector, take a peek at Susan Crawford's blog.  One can only dream.
Susan Crawford's Books

"A little girl finds woolcraft edges useful for her dolly's clothes"


BeHappyKnits said...

I hadn't made the tactile connection! So true that knitters seem to love books.