Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Orange Tip Butterfly at the end of March

Orange Tip Butterfly on Aubretia
The Orange Tip Butterfly is my favourite because it comes to us in English gardens on the good days in March when we know there will  be more dreary weather, but we can enjoy the moment.

In the picture above you can clearly see the markings on the tip of the wing and catch a glimpse of the mottled dark green and cream under wing.

Full face portrait
This one modelled very patiently while I lurked about with my camera and seemed to particularly enjoy the aubretia which I have learned is a very important plant to have in a wildlife garden, providing nectar for the early insects.  I'll definitely sow more this year.

I have targeted myself in 2012 to take six photographs that I am really pleased with and the full face portrait of the Orange Tip is the first of the six.  I'm quite pleased with the level of detail I managed to capture with my funny little camera.  I took several fuzzy Orange Tip photos, but that one is clear and clean.

So now that we have the grey days of April I can look back on these photos and really enjoy them.