Friday, 4 May 2012

Branching Out

New Premises in Beulah's Attic
I've branched out with a friend and taken a little pitch in an antiques attic above an auction house in the next village.  We don't aim to make much money, just to play at shops and have a bit of fun.  The ladies renting us the pitch are kind and lots of laughs.  They have created a beautiful antique arcade called Beulah's Attic.

Still trying to get the presentation right

The building is an old mineral water bottling factory and the roof is ridged glass.  It's a wonderful space with a wooden floor.  These photos were taken when we had just set up the stock - a happy few hours one Saturday morning.  We are still learning and have to load the space up much more with stuff.  Our aim is to intrigue the punters.  We have all kinds of ideas. I covered my fee for the pitch in the first few days, so I'm happy as I really didn't expect to sell anything for weeks.


GirlAnachronismE said...

Looks like a great little stall, and a lot of fun