Monday, 7 May 2012

Still Trying to Find the Mojo

From Vogue Knitting Book No. 40
March 1952
Still not getting into the knitting.  But this may help.  I have been looking for a long time for patterns using the vintage yarn I have, in particular 3ply Patons Bouclet in a wonderful soft blue, green shade.  Just looking through my old Vogue Knitting books one night and there it was, the exact yarn and in my size (I'd love to pretend I am the same shape as this beautiful girl, but I ain't)..  I'm going to try for the cardigan.  2.75mm and 2.25mm needles.  Kill or cure.


Rachel Proffitt said...

OOh that is really very pretty. I shall have to post what I am knitting- in my very cheap acrylic LOL

Noreen said...

You found the exact yarn for a pattern published the year I was born. Wow! If you can get through this you'll definitely have the knitting mojo back.