Friday, 7 September 2012

My 3ply woes

Oxalis, White Dead Nettle and Daisies
from late spring, early summer
Because it cheers me up
Nothing I touch at the moment is going awfully well.  I've been battling with a 3ply cardigan from a 1952 Vogue Knitting Book using the original yarn - Patons Bouclet.  Not particularly difficult, just slow.  Working on it yesterday in the company of a few other knitters I came to the conclusion that I had completely the wrong number of stitches on the needle and with lots of encouragement from the others ripped it all off to start again.

Last night I remembered - I deliberately did the smaller size because the swatching told me it would come up big.  

Lesson Learned - write down what you do and why you did it.
Will it ever be mine?
Vogue Knitting 1952